HG Scale Away (Lime Buster) Concentrate 500ml

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    • Features : "HG Scale Away Cleaning Concentrate • Super concentrated • Strong limescale remover • Also removes rust and urine stains as well as verdigris • >>HG Scale Away cleaning concentrate is a powerful product to remove lime scale, rust stains, urine deposits and copper oxide. Safe and specially formulated to recondition all materials in bathrooms and kitchens such as toilets, chrome faucets, stainless steel, ceramics, tiles, glaze, glass, crystal, and plastic. Directions for use: Use rubber gloves and eye protection (glasses or goggles). Test HG scale away concentrate with a sponge on a small and inconspicuous place first. Apply with a scrubbing sponge. Leave to work for a few minutes to dissolve lime and scale; then clean with sponge and rinse off thoroughly with water. Use the scouring side of a sponge to remove stubborn scale, but not on chrome or gold-plated surfaces. Use undiluted or up to 1 :10 (with water). For bathtubs always dilute with 10 parts of water (1 :10). Shower heads (nozzles): If functioning badly due to scale build-up; immerse in a bowl of undiluted HG scale away concentrate for 30 minutes then scrub and rinse with water.
    • Brand Name : HG
    • Volume (cm³) : 947.18

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