HG Bathroom Drain Cleaner / Unclogger 1L

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    • Features : HG Bathroom Drain Unclogger (1L) • Remove blockages effectively. • Ready to Use • Does Not foam or Splash • Results within 5 minutes >>HG drain and plug unclogger is a product used for a blocked drain pipe in a sink or shower drain. This liquid drain cleaner works thoroughly and effectively and does not affect plastic pipes. The only slight increase in temperature that this product causes while unclogging a drain makes it safe for use on any drain pipe, toilet, urinal and bidets; even on porcelain and ceramic bowls. It is a ready-to-use product and does not need to be diluted, which means there is less chance of splashing. Directions for use: Wear chemical gloves and goggles. Do NOT mix with other chemicals and acids. Avoid corrosion; rinse HG drain unclogger after contact from chrome; avoid contact with aluminum and zinc altogether. To clear slow moving drains; carefully pour 300 ml of HG drain unclogger into the drain pipe; and allow to activate for 30 minutes before rinsing with water. To clear stubborn blockages; fill drain pipe with hot water; then carefully pour 300 ml of HG drain unclogger into the drain; and allow to activate overnight before rinsing.
    • Brand Name : HG
    • Volume (cm³) : 1798.03

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