Ecoway Lux Pro Smart Toilet White

Ecoway Lux Pro Smart Toilet White

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    LUX PRO  is our final and most prestige offer in the LUX Series lineup. We managed to fit all the bells and whistles in a tank-less design, but it does not end there. With years of research and development, we keep making each component decrease in size and increase in efficiency, until a moment it was feasible to fit a built-in tank without sacrificing the elegant design.

    This massive upgrade addresses the most asked question when it comes to tank-less toilets - flushing efficiency. Having a dedicated tank answers this question by bringing a cleaner flush while using less water, and decreases in flush noise level.

    Introducing the very first tank-less smart toilet with a dedicated tank system in our category.


    Hygiene Technology Comfort Safety

    Rear wash
    Front wash
    Self-cleanse nozzle
    Massage wash
    UV sterilizer
    Replaceable nozzle tip 


    Automatic open lid
    Tap-to-open seat
    Automatic close lid/seat
    Three sided remote control
    Microwave precision sensor
    Infinity Knob
    Power-outage flush
    Power-outage memory
    Night light
    Built-in tank

    Seat sensor
    Heated seat
    Warm air dry
    Turbo air dry
    Air temperature control
    Water pressure control
    Water temperature control
    Nozzle position control
    Silent slow closing lid and seat
    Side button control
    Remote control with wall-mount bracket

    Power leak protection
    Double filtration
    Anti-bacteria nozzle
    IPX4 water resistance
    Pressure control device
    Stainless-steel nozzle
    Antibacterial coating seat

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